Haemagogus spegazzinii Brèthes, 1912




Etymology: Carlos Luigi Spegazzini

Haemagogus spegazzinii is one of 24 described species in the subgenus Haemagogus, and one of 14 now classified in the Albomaculatus Section. The taxonomic history of Haemagogus spegazzinii is complex—the species was synonymized along with Hg. capricornii Lutz, under Hg. equinus Theobald. However, this was clearly a mistake, as the palps of Hg. spegazzinii and Hg. capricornii are approximately one-eighth the length of the proboscis, whereas palps of Hg. equinus are unique, being as long as the proboscis—a trait more common with mosquitoes in the subfamily Anophelinae. Haemagogus spegazzinii is the most common species of Haemagogus in Colombia, and one of only two Haemagogus species reported from east of the Andes.

Type locality: Jujuy, Argentina

Type depository: Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales Bernardino Rivadaviall, Buenos Aires, Argentina [Now Museo Argentino de Ciencias Naturales, includes types formerly in MLP & MEPRA]

DIAGNOSTIC CHARACTERS  (Click photos to view; mouse over and click large photo to zoom in.)

ADULT (illustrated): Head: Vertex decumbent scales green to gold. Thorax: Scutal scales metallic-colored, mostly coppery to light bronze; pleuron with single broad vertical band of silver scales; antepronotal scales nearly all silvery; mesopostnotum bare; postpronotal scales dense, coppery to golden; lower mesokatepisternum seta absent or underdeveloped; antealar area with silver scales; coxae silver-scaled. Legs: Fe-II,III lacking apical pale spots; Ta-II dark scaled. Abdomen: Terga without silver scales, instead blue, purple, green or golden. 

LARVA (not illustrated): Head: Setae 5,6-C single. Thorax: Setae 5,6-P on common tubercle; seta 12-I absent.  Terminal segments: Comb scales sharply pointed with minute fringe, 8–10 in single row; pecten spines 20–24; siphon index 3.2–3.4; saddle with well-developed spines on caudal margin; boss strongly sclerotized; seta 1-S 3–4 branched, inserted about 0.60 distance from base of siphon.





Exemplar DNA sequences

Hg. spegazzinii COI: MH118155




Immatures have been collected in tree holes and bamboo internodes, but given the large population sizes at certain times of the year, the species is likely to oviposit in other inaccessible sites up in the canopy.


Haemagogus spegazzinii (as subspecies falco) is associated with low lying forested areas under elevations of 500m. Females are rare in light traps, and males are almost never sampled in nature. The adults can become locally dominant at certain times of the year, accounting for more than 80% of mosquitoes captured. Mating also occurs in swarms, high in the canopy.



Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Honduras, French Guiana, Paraguay, Peru, Trinidad & Tobago, Venezuela.

Distribution map for <em>Haemagogus spegazzinii</em> Brèthes, 1912



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