Anopheles sacharovi Favre, 1903




Etymology: Nikolai Alekseevich Sacharov

Type locality: Evlaxe, Yelizavetpol District, Transcaucasia [Elisabethpol, Caucasus, USSR]

Type depository: Central State Museum of Zoology, Moscow, Russia (ZMM)



Bates et al. 1949

White 1979

Becker et al. 2010




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Exemplar DNA sequences

All Anopheles sacharovi DNA sequences



Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Crimean Peninsula, Croatia, Cyprus, France, Georgia, Greece, Iran, Iraq, Israel (and Gaza Strip and West Bank), Italy (includes Sardinia), Jordan, Lebanon, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Palestine, People’s Republic of China, Portugal, Russia (Southern Districts.), Spain, Syria, Tajikistan, Turkey.



Favre 1903: 189 (A)

Martini 1929: 143 (M*, F*, L*, E*; as elutus)

Ross & Roberts 1943b: 1 (M*, F*, L*; taxonomy, distribution, bionomics)

Bates et al. 1949 (F, L, E*; keys)

White 1979 (taxonomy, review, keys, distribution; lectotype designation, male)

Glick 1992: 129 (distribution)

Hadjivassilis 2000: 38 (distribution; Greece)

Ramsdale & Snow 2000 (distribution; Europe)

Sedaghat et al. 2003a: 243 (M*, F, P*, L*, E; taxonomy)

Sedaghat et al. 2003b (distribution, Iran)

Linton et al. 2003 (review; Maculipennis Complex)

Qu & Zhu 2008 (distribution; People’s Republic of China)

Linton et al. 2007 (molecular taxonomy, bionomics, distribution; Greece)

Sinka et al. 2010: 117 (bionomics, review, distribution, niche model)

Becker et al. 2010: 175 (F*, E*; keys, taxonomy, distribution, bionomics)

Namazov 2014 (distribution; Azerbaijan)

Robert et al. 2019 (distribution, western Palearctic)



syn. elutus Edwards

1921d: 273 (M, F, L, E*). Type locality: Kishon, Palestine [Israel] (NHMUK).






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