Anopheles baezai Gater, 1933




Etymology: J.I. Baeza

Type locality: Pulau Langkawi [Perlis], Malaya [Malaysia]

Type depository: Natural History Museum, London, England, United Kingdom (NHMUK)


Nguyen Thuong Hien 1968 (Vietnam)

Rattanarithikul & Harrison 1973 (Thailand)

Lee et al. 1987b (Australasian Region - Guam invasive)

Rattanarithikul et al. 2006b (Thailand)




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Cambodia, Guam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam.



Gater 1933: 162 (M*, F*, P, L)

Bonne-Wepster & Swellengrebel 1953: 177 (M*, P*, L*)

Nguyen Thuong Hien 1968 (F*, L*; keys, taxonomy, bionomics, distribution; Vietnam)

Reid 1968: 165 (M*, F*, P*, L*, E*)

Basio 1971b: 34 (M*; bionomics)

Basio & Reisen 1971: 60 (L; distribution)

Rattanarithikul & Harrison 1973 (L*; key; Thailand)

Baisas 1974: 45 (M, F, P*, L*; taxonomy, bionomics, distribution; Philippines)

Harrison & Klein 1975: 10 (distribution)

Harrison & Scanlon 1975: 114 (M, F*, P*, L*; lectotype designation, distribution)

Klein 1977a: 110 (distribution)

Lee et al. 1987b: 20 (F; key, taxonomy, bionomics, distribution, review; Australasian region (for Guam))

Rattanarithikul et al. 2006b (F*, L*; bionomics, distribution, keys; Thailand)



syn. gateri Baisas

1936b: 78 (P*, L). Type locality: Iwahig, Palawan, Philippines (NE; paratype USNM). References: Colless 1948: 88 (M*, F*, L*; as baezai subspecies); Reid 1950: 290 (synonymy).






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