Anopheles atropos Dyar & Knab, 1906




Etymology: n.s. [Atropos (Gr), a fate of Greek of mythology]

Type locality: Florida Keys, Florida, United States

Type depository: U. S. National Museum, Washington, D.C., United States (USNM)


Roth 1944

Carpenter & LaCasse 1955

Dodge 1966

Darsie & Ward 2005


Exemplar DNA sequences

All Anopheles atropos DNA sequences

Associated Pathogens



Cayman Islands, Cuba, Jamaica, Mexico, United States (continental).



Dyar & Knab 1906b: 160 (F)

Hinman 1932: 138 (L; bionomics)

Roth 1944: 104 (M*), 107 (M; keys)

Penn 1949a: 57 (P*)

Vargas 1950a: 74 (E)

Yamaguti & LaCasse 1950b: 14 (M*, F*, L*)

Carpenter & LaCasse 1955: 31 (M*, F*, L*; keys)

Stone & Knight 1956b: 276 (type information, lectotype designation)

Dodge 1966: 361 (first instar L*; key)

Belkin 1968b: 10 (synonymy)

Kreutzer, Narang, & Kitzmiller 1969 (chromosomes*)

Belkin 1968b: 9 (lectotype designation; from syn. with quinquefasciatus)

Belkin et al. 1970: 27 (M*, F, P*, L*)

Kreutzer & Kitzmiller 1971b (chromosomes*; as bradleyi, misidentification (B. Harrison, pers. comm.))

Floore et al. 1976: 37 (A, L, P; taxonomy)

Linley 1992: 40 (E*)

Darsie & Ward 2005 (F*, L*; keys, distribution)

Harrison et al. 2016 (F*, L*; keys, distribution)



syn. ferruginosus Wiedemann

1828: 12 (F). Type locality: New Orleans, Louisiana, United States (NMW). References: Coquillett 1906d: 7 (synonymy); Belkin 1968b: 9 (lectotype designation; from syn. with quinquefasciatus); Belkin et al. 1970: 27 (nomen oblatum, according to Art. 23(b) of the International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature).






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