Section III: Examine of Phlebotomine Sand Flies for Leishmania

Dissecting the Gut

  1. Transfer flies to the tube of soap solution and shake gently;
  2. Pour contents of tube onto a fine-mesh screen stretched over the mouth of a large beaker and rinse with tap water until soap is gone;
  3. Using a dissecting pin, lift the flies from the mesh screen and place them in a small Petri dish containing 1x PBS to rinse;
  4. With the 1cc syringe, apply a drop of PBS onto the glass microscope slide;
  5. Place a freshly washed/rinsed sand fly in the drop of PBS on the microscope slide;

9. If the end of the gut breaks off, place the bent segment of the pin horizontally across the anterior abdomen and squeeze the gut out of the abdomen, as you would toothpaste out of a tube.

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