Section III: Examine of Phlebotomine Sand Flies for Leishmania

Dissection Tools

  1. Dissecting pins: These can be made by inserting size 000 insect pins (BioQuip) into the end of a wooden applicator stick. Soften the end of the stick by soaking in water for an hour, then using a jeweler's forceps, drive the blunt end of the pin into the softened end of the applicator stick;
  2. Sterile microscope slides and cover glasses (18 x 18 mm);
  3. Soap solution in 15 ml cone-bottom tube for immobilizing the sand flies;
  4. Beaker and fine-meshed screen;
  5. Phosphate buffered saline (PBS, 1x) or sterile saline for rinsing;
  6. 1cc syringe of PBS;
  7. Dissecting microscope; and
  8. Compound microscope.

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