Section II: WRBU Sand Fly Mounting Protocol

Mounting Procedure

Many of the taxonomic characters used to make species-level identifications can only be seen using a compound microscope so sand fly specimens should be slide mounted immediately after being cleared. All parts should be positioned not to block any identifying characters. Most important taxonomic characters will be the mouth parts, wings and genitalia.

The Euparal solution must be thick enough to hold the specimen parts in position, but thin enough that it can be readily manipulated. If it is too thick, thin it with Euparal Essence. Euparal Essence may be used instead of alcohol to position the specimen, but be careful — the essence must be wiped away enough so that the Euparal doesn't spread out too much over the slide.

After Euparal has been added, take care to make sure specimen remains positioned and that no air bubbles surface around the specimen. Bubbles and repositioning can be accomplished by using the probes to gently move the specimen or remove the bubbles.

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