Centruroides limbatus

(Pocock, 1898)

Today's subject is Centruroides limbatus (Pocock, 1898). The generic name Centruroides is from the Greek words centr-, meaning "pointed," and ur, meaning "tail." The genus was originally called Centrurus, but had to be changed to Centruroides because the name Centrurus was already in use for another animal. The "-oides " ending means "like" or "the form of," so the name really means "like Centrurus." The specific name, limbatus, is from the Latin meaning "black-edged" and refers to the coloration of the scorpion.

Centruroides limbatus

This scorpion is in the family Buthidae. Centruroides can be divided into several species groups. Centruroides limbatus belongs to the Gracilis species group. All of the species in this group are characterized by fairly large size (> 100 mm) and long, narrow pedipalps.

Original Description

Pocock, R. I. 1898. Description of some new scorpions from Central and South America. Annals and Magazine of Natural History, series 7, 1:384-394.


Centruroides limbatus is found throughout Costa Rica, and in parts of Nicaragua and Honduras. This scorpion is quite common in Costa Rica. It is apparently less common in other parts of its range.

Centruroides limbatus distribution

Fun Facts

Like all Centruroides, this species lives in any type of crevice, normally near the ground. They frequent human dwellings where food and shelter are abundant. Food is any small arthropod. Though large in size, this species is not considered dangerous to humans. Nonetheless, they are venomous and being stung by one is no picnic.

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